Anyone who has ever been involved in the litigation of a family law legal matter knows how emotionally exhausting and mentally draining it can be. Whether it is a divorce, child support, paternity, or adoption, navigating an unfamiliar legal system in addition to worrying about the underlying legal issue can be challenging, particularly if you are a father given that the system has historically favored the rights of mothers. Knowing that the outcome may impact you and your family for many years to come, the assistance of an experienced Plano, Texas family law attorney is essential.  At the Plano, Texas law firm of The Law Office of Jon R. Boyd, we have built our practice around father’s rights and we would be honored to assist you with your family law legal needs.

Plano, Texas

The area now known as Plano, Texas was first inhabited by European settlors in the 1840s. As was so frequently the case, the presence of the Houston and Central Texas Railway helped the small town to grow to over 500 residents by 1873 when it was incorporated. Plano grew very slowly over the next century, only reaching a population of 3,695 by 1960. Shortly thereafter, however, Plano began to benefit from the post-war boom many areas experienced, causing the population to jump to around 18,000 in 1970 and skyrocket to 72,000 by 1980. By the turn of the 21st Century, the population of Plano had grown to over 220,000, dwarfing the county seat of McKinney and making it one of nearby Dallas’s largest suburbs.

Collin County Courts

The Collin County Courthouse is located at 2100 Bloomdale Rd., McKinney, Texas, at the NW corner of Bloomdale Rd. and US 75/N. Central Expressway.  Parking is free in front of the Courthouse on the south side of the building, but is not covered.

There are 11 District Courts in Collin County. All except the 469th and 470th, are “General Jurisdiction” Courts, meaning the Judges hear mostly Criminal and Civil District Court matters, though they occasionally preside over a Family Law case. The two newest courts, the 469th and 470th,  are designated as strictly Family Law Courts and handle the majority of the family law matters. There is also an Auxiliary Court, (Auxiliary Court No.3), located on the first floor, where the sitting Judges bring in various retired Judges to preside over uncontested cases, hear agreements, and preside over contested matters and trials if needed. The District Court Clerk’s Office is now centralized in the District Clerk’s Main Office on the first floor. The courts, locations, and presiding judge information is as follows:

  • 199th District Court – located on the 1st floor, Judge Angela Tucker
  • 219th District Court – located on the 2nd floor, Judge Scott Becker
  • 296th District Court – located on the 2nd floor. Judge John Roach, Jr.
  • 366th District Court– located on the 3rd floor. Judge Ray Wheless
  • 380th District Court – located on the 3rd floor, Judge Benjamin Smith
  • 401st District Court – located on the 3rd floor, Judge Mark Rusch
  • 416th District Court – located on the 2nd floor, Judge Andrea Plummer
  • 417th District Court – located on the 3rd floor, Judge Cynthia Wheless
  • 429th District Court – located on the 1st floor, Judge Jill Willis
  • 469th District Court — Judge Piper McCraw
  • 470th District Court — Judge Emily Miskel

Whether you are facing an amicable divorce or a child custody battle, you need an experienced family law attorney by your side. At The Law Office of Jon R. Boyd, we have seen first-hand the emotional and financial devastation caused by a child custody battle as well as the life-long impact a contentious divorce can have on everyone involved. Attorney Jon Boyd has over 30 years of experience advocating for clients in family law legal matters. He has the experience, skill, and compassion necessary to bring even the most complex and contentious family law cases to a successful resolution. Moreover, attorney Boyd also has the personal experience of going through a contested divorce himself to further help him relate to his clients. When so much is at stake, you need an attorney who can aggressively defend and protect you and your rights while also maintaining the compassion needed to understand what you are going through. You need The Law Office of Jon R. Boyd.

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