propertyIssue: Represented wife in divorce.
Result: Settled on eve of trial. Obtained 100% of community estate for W, including all of c/p H’s employment benefits. Had threatened suit for damages arising from abuse during the marriage.Issue: War of the Roses divorce. Mother hired expensive lawyers, requested jury trial, tried to intimidate father into accepting supervised visitation.
Result: We stood up to her, eventually maintained joint custody, extended standard possession, sharing of rights, restriction on her residence, etc.Issue: Property Division.
Result: Husband gets to keep all of his retirement and gets unequal division in his favor after wife’s adultery and overall meanness shown.Issue: Client who represented himself in divorce involving an over five million dollar estate allowed himself to get defaulted by opposing counsel because he was served with process but did not answer the suit. (Client threw the papers away!)
Result: New trial obtained. We filed a Motion for New Trial and the motion was granted after a contested hearing, thereby reinstating the case and allowing our client another chance to obtain a fairer property division and better visitation with his children.

Issue: My multi-millionaire husband client and his wife had extensive international property and business interests. Unfortunately, Husband had engaged in numerous indiscretions, including having a baby with a much younger woman.
Result: Even though husband faced exposure to a disproportionate division of the estate against him, the case settled on a equal division basis,