No one ever marries with the idea of going through a painful divorce at any point. When there are children involved, it becomes even more complicated and emotionally overwhelming. The last thing any of us want to face is a drawn out and often expensive custody battle. Sometimes, however, you have no choice but to fight for the best interests of your child with help from a child custody attorney.

Ideally, two parents will come together for the sake of their children, even in the midst of a divorce, in order to protect them and ensure they know they’re loved by both parents and that their relationships won’t suffer as a result of the divorce. Sadly, that doesn’t always happen. There may be numerous reasons for fighting for custody of your children. Your spouse may be using illegal drugs or abusing alcohol. Perhaps your former spouse is mentally or even physically abusive to you or your child; maybe you are both good parents, both with solid careers and a safe home, but you both want to be the primary custodial parent, each believing he or she has more to offer your child.

These days, fathers are seeking full custody more than ever – and in many instances, they’re winning. Often, it has more to do with the career choices of both parents and the working hours Mom and Dad have. It simply makes better sense for Dad to maintain physical custody. Other times, there are outside influences that make it safer for the kids to remain with their father.

Texas terminology can be a little confusing. “Conservatorship” is the term used in the Texas Family Code for custody. There is “Sole Managing Conservatorship” and “Joint Managing Conservatorship,” which is what people often call “joint custody.” The law presumes “joint managing conservatorship” but that doesn’t necessarily equate to equal possession and parenting decision making rights.

Jon Boyd has seen many of these cases unfold and has worked tirelessly to guide fathers to a solution that keeps their children safer and in an all-around better environment. As mentioned, there is a presumption of “joint custody,” and many attorneys and others will try to discourage custody litigation or force you to settle the case. We understand those challenges and we understand that there are those times when only a court’s intervention can result in a settlement. We’re here to guide you as the legal process unfolds. Whether you are seeking full child custody, joint custody or are simply looking to revise your current parenting plan, we invite you to contact our offices today. The Law Office of Jon R. Boyd. practice in Plano is a formidable partner as you go about the business of ensuring the well-being of your children.