With over 35 years of family law experience in Collin, Denton, Dallas, Tarrant, Rockwall and counties across the metroplex and our great State of Texas, I have tried hundreds of high conflict, contested cases, including numerous jury trials, involving many types of issues in many different venues against all ranges of skill levels and prices of opponents.  I have settled many more cases before the cases went to trial when my client chose or we obtained our goals. People sometimes ask, “Do you win all your cases?” Well, of course I don’t. If a lawyer tells you he/she doesRUN! No one wins them all, no matter how skilled. Having said that, I win a pretty fair percentage of my cases and get my clients what they want or more most of the time. Win or lose, every client I have leaves the Courtroom knowing they had their day in court and that they gave it their best.

As every case is different, I’ve had some interesting results. Here are a few samples of actual cases I’ve handled. The names and other identifying information are redacted for privacy and confidentiality purposes. Otherwise, these are accurate summaries or depictions of actual cases I personally have handled.

Remember, at Law Office of Jon R. Boyd., we are able to handle almost any case, no matter how large or difficult; yet we are small enough that you will have the sympathetic ear of an attorney and staff who know you and are familiar with your case. Please view our case results below to see examples of some of the successes we have achieved for our clients:

Texas Geographical Restrictions
Texas Divorce and Property Division
Texas Child Custody
Texas Child Support
Texas Residence Restrictions
Texas Modifications
Texas Visitation
Texas Interstate Jurisdictionbanner03

*Please note that these case results are illustrative only and no warranty or guarantee is made or implied regarding your own legal matter, whether the same as a sample result or other.